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Boat Requisition Form

This is to be completed PRIOR to use of ECOLOGY CENTER boats.  By completion of this form, user or user account incurs costs of all road repairs and routine maintenance needs during the use period up to deductible limits of UL Lafayette insurance ($1000). User account also assumes costs of repairs, parts and labor (inclusive of towing) necessitated by damage or breakdown occurring during the period of use.  User also agrees to the following conditions on use:

1. Boat is to be returned clean (all user materials removed, interior washed or wiped clean of debris/dirt); Boat exterior, including underbody, is to be washed if boat has been used in proximity to saltwater or in brackish or muddy water.  User agrees to be billed for these services if needed upon return.
2. Passengers are restricted to employees, appropriate UL Lafayette students, and legitimate professional collaborators of the user; only the designed "user/operator(s)" is (are) permitted to operate the vehicle.  Subletting or loan of the boat by user is prohibited. University boats may only be towed by University vehicles for liability reasons.
3. Upon completion of the use period, the boat is to be returned to the ECOLOGY CENTER boat shed; all fuel man card receipts (if applicable) are to be presented to the department Operations Manager; Boat keys are to be returned to the key closet. 
For after-hours returns by graduate students, fuel man card(s) and receipts are to be placed in the ECOLOGY CENTER conference room with a note stating the driver's and professor's name. Keys should be returned to key closet.
4. User must perform service checks (marine oil) at every fill-up. This also means checking the motor oil when using the Airboat or Gator-tail.
5. This form does not negate the need for completion and attachment of UL Lafayette Travel request (yellow motor pool copy). The vehicle will NOT be released to you without both of these forms completed.

Submitting this form will generate an automatic email to your academic advisory for approval of charge to University Account (if applicable).

Enter e-mail address of person responsible for approving charges to listed account.
Period of Use (Dates)
Boat Pickup and Dropoff (Dates and Times)

You must fill out a separate "Vehicle Requisition Form" in order to request use of an Ecology Center Vehicle.