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Facilities & Equipment

To use of any of our facilities or equipment, visit the forms page and make your request.

UL Lafayette Ecology Center main facilities

Main Facilities

The main building measures 15,000 sq. ft. and contains office, laboratory, and classroom areas, as well as workshop, kitchen, showers, and dormitory.

UL Lafayette Ecology Center Greenhouses


Near the main building is a greenhouse complex (~1 acre total size) with automated irrigation system. Adjacent to greenhouse space is shadehouse complex of the same dimensions.

Field resources UL Lafayette Ecology Center

Field Resources

We have 46 acres of irrigated field space, with two independent well systems. Experiments established anywhere on site can be provided with running water and automated irrigation.

Research vehicles for rent UL Lafayette Ecology Center


We have numerous vehicles available for rent including: 4W drive ATV, Golf-cart, 4W drive Dodge Ram, Tractors/mowers, and 2 Kawasaki Mules.

Boat rentals for research UL Lafayette Ecology Center


We rent boats for local research projects, with the option to include a boat operator. Our fleet includes: 14' Robicheaux Airboat, 20' Gator Tail, 19' Boston Whaler, 13' Boston Whaler, and 18' Flatboat.

UL Lafayette Ecology Center equipment for rent

Research Equipment

We have ample lab and field research equipment including a deionized water system, grinding mills, industrial drying ovens, and a no-plow seed drill (LDWF).